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Home Security Tips

For peace of mind when you’re away, follow a few simple steps for a stress free getaway.

Escaping the burdens of daily life for a while can not always be an easy thing to do. Firstly there are issues of maintaining the lawn, collecting the mail, paying bills, pet care, pulling the weeds, watering the plants and so much more. Don't let these things spoil your holiday.

Some of these tasks left unattended whilst your away is a dead giveaway that there is no one at home, therefore a perfect opportunity for  burglaries to occur, after all a house left empty for some time is a target for potential intruders:

1.   Make sure all windows and doors are secured & locked
2.   Check all electrical switches, appliances & stove tops to ensure all are switched off
3.   Don’t leave mail, newspapers or deliveries uncollected
4.   Keep pet doors to a minimum
5.   Notify your security company that you will be away & to treat all alarm activations as genuine and to act upon
6.   Care 4 Services can arrange to do daily checks to your property to collect the mail, deliveries, junk mail etc. and will check windows & doors are all secure on each visit
7.   Use Electrical Timers to set your Lights, TV, and Radio to turn on/off at specified times. Care 4 Services provide free timers with all our package services
8.   Arrange for your pets to stay home rather than boarding, Care 4 Services will provide daily visits to feed, water & walk your dog, pamper your cat and so on, by doing this we can also check on the above things for you and your pets don’t need to stress whilst your away as they will be left in a familiar environment ’their home’.
9.   Have a telephone accessible at all times, so that you are able to be contacted in the event that any issue does arise. Care 4 Services also SMS or email you frequently to advise you that all is well back home.
10.  Care 4 Services can also maintain the garden & keep it neat & tidy whilst you’re away i.e. mowing the lawns, watering the garden, weeding, removing cob webs, having your bins put in/out on specified days, pool maintenance and so much more.

By taking simple precautions whilst away & giving your home that ’lived in’ appearance, will substantially reduce the risk of a burglary and also provide you with the peace of mind knowing everything is being taking care off back home whilst you’re away.


‘we care when you're not there’