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  Watch the weather, so you’ll know what to expect and can pack accordingly
  Check credit card for available funds; ask your bank for an increase if needed, leave some room on the card for emergencies and check the valid dates to make sure they will remain valid while you’re away
  Purchase automatic light timers to switch on/off in the evening
  Check your driver’s license to ensure it remains valid while you’re away
  Check cameras, purchase new batteries and film if necessary
  Make an arrangement with a neighbor, friend or Care 4 Services to check your home periodically or daily
  Arrange with Care 4 Services for lawn care. Ignoring these areas will make your house stand out in the neighborhood and announce to everyone that you are gone
  Arrange for Care 4 Services, neighbor or friend to start your car during very cold or very hot weather
  Arrange Care 4 Services to look after your pets in a safe and comfortable enviornment 'their home'
  Purchase enough food for your pets for the duration of your time away; alternatively you can arrange for Care 4 Services to purchase the foods, if this is the case make a list which clearly states the brand of food purchased for your pets
  Add some yogurt to your diet to strengthen your digestive system. This is especially important if your plans include travel to foreign countries where you will be exposed to elements that are hostile to your digestive system
  Check your insurance for expiration dates and coverage for your vehicle, home and the valuables that you’ll take with you, as well as those you’ll leave at home
  If traveling by car, get the car checked and have the oil changed. Don’t wait until the last minute, it may take time to get an appointment and parts may need to be ordered. You also want some time to drive around town and make sure that whatever they fixed stays fixed
  Put your valuables and jewelry in a safety deposit box or hide in your home
  One week prior to leaving, reduce the amount of fresh items you buy at the grocery, such as milk, fruit and other perishables you’ll need to throw out before you leave
  Notify your security system company to consider any alarms during the dates you will be away as real. Leave with them the names of anyone responsible to watch over your house which may include Care 4 Services
  Check all medications that need to come with you, ensure you have a suffiecient supply; should you need refills; ensure you have the generic name as brand names can differ in other arears
  Pay bills that will full due while you are away or arrange for Care 4 Services to pay them as they fall due
  Move houseplants away from direct sunlight and arrange for Care 4 Services, family or a neighbor to water water whilst you are away
  Empty the refrigerator of items that might spoil; this might be a good time to make a list of items that you may need when you return and provide the list to Care 4 Services to purchase these items & have available upon your return
  Cancel or hold your newspaper delivery; alternative arrange for Care 4 Services to collect & hold them for you until you return
  Set your automatic light and radio timers. Check the bulbs to see if they will last whilst you're away
  Lock all doors and windows including the garage
  Unplug electronic items, such as, your computer to protect them if you have a black-out while you’re gone.  It may be a good idea to use surge protectors and ensure they are properly installed